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11 May 2012

Press Release No. 162/12


Dated Shillong the 11th May, 2012: The Deputy Commissioner, Jaintia Hills District, Jowai, has temporarily suspended the operations of Furore India Groups, Shangpung, Abyss Assam Gtroup, Jowai Wahnangbah/ Amlarem, branches, Arya Pariwar which known converted to Pala Groups, Jowai Ladthadlaboh (Lad Stadium) Jowai.

This ordered has been issued by the Deputy Commissioner, on the complaints received on the operations of these companies without complying the requirement of the Law and Act. The Companies mentioned above shall remain suspended till they complied with the requirements of the Law /Act.

Press Release No. 163/12


Dated Shillong the 11th may, 2012: The Deputy Commissioners (Election) Jaintia Hills, Jowai has directed the Aircel and Reliance Company to clarify, as why their company refuses to accept the EPIC issued prior 2007 by the Election Commission of India.

It may be mentioned that general notice vide Memo no JEC.70/2006/DENOVO/EPIC/221-A, dt 27.02.2012 has been issued which clarified that where an EPIC once issued to an Elector shall remained valid during the lifetime of the Elector even if the Elector shifts his/her residence within the Constituency or outside the Constituency or even outside the State.

In this Connection the Deputy Commissioner (Election) Jaintia Hills, Jowai has directed the Company to reply on or before the 22.05.2012 positively, so as to be able to clarify to the public.

Press Release No. 164/12


Shillong, May 11, 2012: The District Transport Officer, East Khasi Hills, Shillong has informed that in continuation of the office Press Release No. DTO/S/14/94/430 dated Shillong, the 7th March 2012, all concern citizens are expected to deposit Road Tax, Fees, etc., by bank draft and account payees cheque instead of cash currency in order to shorten the process of registration of new vehicles and also to reduce time of tax payment procedures of existing vehicles to the barest minimum.

Other terms and conditions remained the same.

Press Release No. 165/12


Shillong, May 11, 2012: Joint Director, Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Meghalaya Shillong has given notice on weekly price of essential commodities in respect of Shillong for the week ending 09/05/2012.

For common rice, wholesale price will be Rs.1,400 and retail price Rs.15.50. For fine rice wholesale price will be Rs.1,550 and retail price Rs.17.00 and for Andra wholesale price will be Rs2,260 and retail price Rs25.60. For (wheat ) maida and suji wholesale price will be Rs 1,540 and retail price Rs.17.00. For Atta (wheat) wholesale price will be Rs.1400 and retail price Rs.15.40. For gramdal wholesale price will be Rs.4,400/4,800 and retail price Rs.54.00. For turdal (arhar) wholesale price will be Rs.4,600/4,800 and retail price Rs.50.00/55.00.For Urad dal wholesale price will be Rs.5,800 and retail price Rs.65.50. For urad dal(whole) wholesale price will be Rs.5,300 and retail price Rs.59.00. For moong dal wholesale price will be Rs.5,600 and retail price Rs.63.25. For Masoor(big)wholesale price will be Rs.3,900 and retail price Rs.44.50 and for Masoor(small) wholesale price will be Rs.4,400 and retail price Rs.49.00. For sugar wholesale price will be Rs.3,200 and retail price Rs.35.00. for Groundnut oil(packed) wholesale price will be Rs.8,000 and retail price Rs.90.00. for Mustard oil(packed)wholesale price will be Rs1,280 and retail price Rs.95.00. for mustard oil scooter brand (in tin) wholesale price will be Rs.1,330 andretail price Rs.97.00. For vanaspati oil (packed) wholesale price will be Rs.1,015 and retail price Rs72.00. For sunflower oil(packed) wholesale price will be Rs.1,120 and retail price Rs.57.00. for palm oil (packed)wholesale price will be Rs.1,120 and retail price Rs.75.00. for tea (loose) retail price will be Rs.200.00. and for tea (packed) retail price will be Rs.250.00. For salt packed tata (iodised) wholesale price will be Rs.1,240 and retail price will Rs.14.00. and for salt pack tazza wholesale price will be Rs.680 and retail price Rs.10.00. For onion (white) wholesale price will be Rs.800 and retail price Rs.11.00. for onion (red)wholesale price will be Rs.950 and retail price Rs.23.00. for tomato wholesale price will be Rs.1,500 and retail price Rs.20.00. For Brinjal wholesale price will be Rs.1,500 and retail price Rs.20.00. For potato wholesale price will be Rs.850-/900 and retail price Rs.12.00. For cabbage wholesale price will be Rs.500 and retail price Rs.10.00.

Press Release No. 166/12


Shillong, May 11, 2012: The Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Meghalaya invites application from a person having exceptional achievement in the field of adventure activities to apply in the prescribed form available in the office of the undersigned for nomination/recommendation to the ministry of youth affairs and sports, Government of India for consideration of the above award.

The award aims to recognize achievement in adventure, encourage young people to develop spirit of endurance, risk taking, quick ready and effective reflexes to challenging situations.

Person having exceptional achievements along with their bio-data and a brief write up of 2-3 pages with documentary proof certifying the achievements recorded by them during the last three years including those recorded up to 31.12.2012.

A person should have excellent performance and have outstanding qualities of leadership, a sense adventure discipline.

The adventure programme relates to Air, Sea and land. Outstanding achievement by the disabled people may also be nominated.

The award will consist of a bronze statuette, a certificate, a blazer with silken tie/saree and cash of Rs.5, 00,000.

Nominations should reach the office of undersigned on or before 15th May, 2012.

Press Release No. 168/12


Shillong, May 11, 2012: The Government today has decided to do away with the facilitation cells set up for facilitation of enrolment of eligible voters of the State. This was informed by the Meghalaya Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma today.

Dr. Mukul Sangma said that after dwelling diligently on the issue, the government has decided to do away with the facilitation cells which have become a cause of apprehension in the State. The Chief Minister added that the exercise of engaging the youth of the State in coming out to enroll themselves as per provisions and guidelines of the Election Commission of India is already underway. District Election Officers and Electoral Registration Officers have already initiated an exercise to ensure that adequate sensitization and awareness is carried out amongst the youth of the State to encourage them to come forward and enroll themselves as eligible voters. As a mechanism to facilitate maximum enrolment of eligible and bonafide voters into the electoral rolls sensitization of students of educational institutions and colleges will be done, Dr Mukul said.

“The Government is also committed to ensure that the enrolment is done as per the Election Commission guidelines while putting in place an effective mechanism to ensure that dubious voters do not find any space in the electoral roll thereby ensuring that all misconcepts and doubts are addressed effectively”, he stated .

The Government therefore wishes that better sense will prevail upon all sections of Society in that while the exercise continues yet the vital aspirations and interests of the local populace is securely protected.

All other issues in relation to the guidelines and instructions of the Election Commission of India which are required to be taken up with the commission will be examined by the All Party Committee constituted and a representation shall be submitted thereof.

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