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23 January 2019

Press Release No. 33/19


Meghalaya Chief Minister, Shri Conrad K. Sangma today inaugurated the newly constructed Police Reserve at Baghmara in South Garo Hills in presence of local MLA, Shri Samuel M. Sangma, Siju-Rongara MLA, Shri Rakkam A. Sangma, Chief Secretary, Shri T Ysering, DGP R. Chandranathan amongst others. “The inauguration of new Police Reserve at Baghmara is an indication that the government has serious concerns for the people of South Garo Hills. I am sure that this new infrastructure will further motivate the police force of the district,” said the Chief Minister, while congratulating Meghalaya DGP and his team for the successful completion of the project. Terming that development is a prerequisite for peace to continue, he said, “Militancy is the end result of a socio-economic problem and hence it important that the government ensure development of a region for a sustained peace.” He said that South Garo Hills region has remained neglected for years and to ensure momentum of growth, the government is embarking a road map to ensure focused development of the district on a priority wise. He said that the ongoing repair and maintenance of the Tura – Baghmara road will pave new way for development in the district.

He informed that the NH – 62 has been renamed to NH-217 which starts from Dainadubi to Baghmara via Siju and Gasuapara to Tura up to Paikan, of which part has been sanctioned and the work is underway. “We are expediting the works as much as possible and would try to ensure that it is completed within 2019. However, there are delay in work for want of clearance from forest, which are being figured out and will be resolved at the earliest.” “The people of South Garo Hills has felt neglected and had almost lost faith in the government. We assure the people of the district that our government is committed to fulfil the long cherished dreams and aspiration of the people of the district,” the Chief Minister exhorted. He also informed on the Union Cabinet decision to strengthen the district councils of the Northeast. “We have been continuously engaging with the centre and the cabinet has today approved it that will financially empower the district councils in Meghalaya,” the Chief Minister said, while stating that new development initiatives can now be undertaken by the councils as well.

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