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27 July 2021

Press Release No. 207/21


Meghalaya Governor, Shri Satya Pal Malik interacted with the newly appointed Meghalaya Civil Service (MCS) Officers Batch 2021 at a short programme held at the Durbar hall, Raj Bhavan on 27th July 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Satya Pal Malik congratulated the 38 Officer trainees for their remarkable effort in qualifying for the Meghalaya Civil Service (MCS). He expressed happiness that the Officers came from different fields of educational qualification all for the purpose of taking the state to new heights. He also expressed hope that the young and dynamic Officers would become beacons of hope for the state. He stated that the MCS Officers play an important role in implementing various policies in the state and the expectations of the public towards the government services is fast changing, hence they should be dynamic and adapt quickly especially in the 21st century. He encouraged the Officers to serve the state with passion and dignity and lead the state towards prosperity and progress.

Press Release No. 208/21


Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma and Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong had a meeting with the newly inducted MCS officers here today at Yojana Bhawan, Meghalaya Secretariat. Also present during the occasion was Director, MATI, Ram Kumar.

Speaking to the officer trainees, Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma said that a large portion of the population of the country today are youth and Meghalaya too is a young state and to be inducted as young administrative officers during such a time is exciting but comes with a lot of responsibilities.

“The expectations and aspirations of the youth today are different and as young officers you will be able to connect to the youth population in a better way, always keep in mind the changing environment and the bigger picture, having a purpose, passion and a goal while you discharge your duties,” he said. He also called upon the officers to be grounded and keep their humility at the forefront stating that every and any post is crucial for the development of the State.

Earlier, Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong exhorted the officers to be humble, honest and hardworking while maintaining rapport and public relations with the masses.

Later, the trainee officers interacted with the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.

Press Release No. 209/21


Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today launched the Mere Mentor, an Edu Tech venture via video conferencing. Mere Mentor launches a career assessment platform that is going to revolutionize the world of counseling and career appraisal to gain fruitful jobs. This game-based platform makes the ordeal of the students and parents, effortless and fun-filled. The criticality of a stage in a student’s life fraught with indecisiveness and uncertainty has evolved into an interesting process, brimming with excitement by Mere Mentor.

Speaking during the launch, the Chief Minister said that it is very important to provide right career guidance to children while they are still in the early stages of school and not wait till they finish their high school or higher secondary school.“We have recently passed the Youth Policy for the State of Meghalaya and it is very important for any state of India to have a policy for the youth because of the fact that our country has a large youth population and channelization of the energy of the youth is going to determine the success or the failure of the State or the nation as a whole. If this energy of the youth can be shaped and channelized in the right direction we can become the number one country in the world,” he said. He added that guiding the youth and allowing them to follow their passion and dreams will be the key to determine the success of the State or the country. He further said that the intervention to choose a career should be given at the right time and he lauded Mere Mentor for providing the counselling to children from an early age.

Mere Mentor is the brainchild of expert minds of Mr Saurav K Sinha, Founder and Mere Mentor Team is the outcome of years of research, close observation, out of box thinking and technical knowledge. Many academic scholars have contributed immensely in the adoption of scientific processes which have been flavoured with fun-filled computer games. Without diluting the seriousness of the activity, this platform caters to the problem with adequate gentle care, just what is required at this stage in the youth’s life.

Mere Mentor handholds a young student who is just out of college who stands at the crossroads not knowing how to proceed further in his career. Through the dynamic platform of “Mere Mentor”, his capabilities are assessed scientifically and the inherent skills and talents are given a specific direction. The qualities of the student are harnessed in an organized manner to match the commensuration of the job opportunities available in the market.

“Mere Mentor” is a splendid amalgamation of scholarly activities and state-of-art technology. As research says that 50 percent of the youth contributes 100 percent towards the development of the Nation, “Mere Mentor” would throw open the floodgates of skilled manpower for varied job opportunities.

The icing on the cake is that it is a game-based platform busting the intensely stressful structure of choosing the right line of career and making the complex process easy on the nerves.” Mere Mentor” has started its journey to change the lives of the youth of India which would make a significant impact on the Nation’s economy.

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