Press Releases

30 June 2017

Press Release No. 747/17


The website of the Finance Department, Government of Meghalaya was officially launched by the State Chief Secretary, Shri Y. Tsering on 28th June 2017 in the presence of Principal Secretary, Finance Department, Smti R. V. Suchiang, Secretary, Finance Department, Shri Sanjay Goyal, State Informatics Officer, NIC, Shillong, Shri T. Dkhar and Technical Director, NIC, Shillong, Shri Benos Lyngskor. The website contains information on the different branches of Finance Department along with their functions and duties, e-governance initiatives, forms and annexures required to be submitted to various authorities under the Finance Department, Acts and Rules, notification and circulars etc. The website also offers links to the State Budget, other portals of the State and Central Government, Reserve Bank of India and the Accountant General, Meghalaya. With the launching of the website, the State Government is confident that the people of the State will be better informed of the activities and citizen-centric services of the Finance Department. The website will be updated on a regular basis to keep the people abreast about the activities of the Department.

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