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13 November 2019

Press Release No. 525/19


Chief Minister, Shri Conrad K Sangma today inaugurated the fourth edition of Cherry Blossom Festival in a function held at Polo 5th Ground which was also attended by Shri Lahkmen Rymbui, Minister, Forests & Environment, Meghalaya, Minister, Health, IPR etc Shri A L Hek and Minister, PHE, SAD etc Shri Samlin Malngiang.

In his Inaugural Address, Chief Minister, Shri Conrad K Sangma said that the Cherry Blossom Festival is a beautiful festival that has taken advantage of the opportunity that exists in the biodiversity of Meghalaya. “Meghalaya is a popular destination for tourists and the government is looking on ways to enrich and improve the experience of the tourists visiting Meghalaya and the Cherry Blossom Festival is step towards that,” he said. He also added that the Cherry Blossom Festival is a great example of how the natural beauty of the State can be utilized in an effective manner.

“The focus of the government in the Tourism sector is on the natural strengths and resources and to device a tourism model that is sustainable,” he informed. He at length highlighted the various Tourism projects of the government and informed that one of the areas that were touched upon on his recent visit to Bangladesh was on developing Tourism across borders.

In his address, Guest of Honour, Shri Lahkmen Rymbui, said that the Cherry Blossoms have captured the fascination and appreciation of people all around the world and the festival is an occasion of pride and nurturing the creativity and talents of the people and showcase the art and culture of the State. He also added that in the next few days the government will be engaged in bilateral talks with South Korea, the partner country of Cherry Blossom Festival 2019.

The Chief Minister also released a book, ‘Trees of Shillong’ by Forest and Environment department during the occasion.

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