Press Releases

22 November 2016

Press Release No. 647/16


The District Magistrate, East Khasi Hills District has promulgated an order under Section 144 CrPC prohibiting carrying of arms by any person or persons. The order also directs all the Arms Licenses Holders of the 8 Nongkrem, 15 Laban-Mawprem and 22 Nongspung-Sohiong constituencies of East Khasi Hills to deposit their weapons along with Xerox copy of licenses to their respective Police Stations and Out Posts for safe custody and the same will be released after the election process is over. This order shall come into force with immediate effect and will remain in force till the election process is over. The order shall not apply to the members of the Police Security Forces, Paramilitary Forces who may carry arms in connection with their lawful duties. The order also prohibits sale of spirituous, fermented or intoxicating liquors of other substances of the nature, given or distributed at the hotels, eating house, tavern, shop or any other public or private buildings within the period of 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for conclusion of poll.

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