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02 October 2017

Press Release No. 1044/17


Meghalaya Urban Affairs Minister, Shri R. V. Lyngdoh today inaugurated the Phase 1 of the Sanitary Landfill for disposal of processed rejects and inert waste at Marten, Mawlai in presence of Shri F. R. Kharkongor, Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, Urban Affairs Department, Shri E. Kharmalki, Director, Urban Affairs Department, Shri T. Dkhar, Senior Technical Director, NIC, Meghalaya, Shri B. S. Sohliya, Chief Executive Officer, Shillong Municipal Board and Shri B. Dutta, Former Project Director, SIPMIU. The project was funded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India and the Asian Development Bank. Dedicating the landfill site to the citizens of the city, Meghalaya Urban Affairs Minister, Shri R. V. Lyngdoh said that the landfill site will go a long way in keeping the city clean by ensuring that the waste generated are properly segregated and dumped in the site. Shri Lyngdoh also said that the government is embarking upon other technological based solutions on waste management to make Meghalaya a garbage free state.

The sanitary landfill site will be developed in an area of 15,000 sqm which is part of the 18 acres diverted by the Forest Department to the SMB for use of waste disposal and management. In the first phase, 6,500 sqm of the area available is developed for the purpose under Tranche 1 of NERCCDIP at the cost of Rs. 7.57 crores and the work was completed in May, 2017. The landfill has a design life of 3 years and 9 months. The sanitary landfill in the balance area (8,500 sqm) including ancillary works at the contract cost of Rs. 19.33 crores. The work started in the month of April 2016 and the construction period for this phase will be 24 months. The work is taken up under Tranche 2 of the program. Both phases of the Sanitary Landfill will cater to the requirement of about 10 years in proper disposal of the inert waste (waste which cannot be processed or recycled) and rejects from the processing facilities. The sanitary landfill was designed for disposal of only the rejects from the processing plants and the inert waste. The work involves construction of retaining walls to support the cells, laying of geo membrane over geo synthetic clay liners which will prevent seepage of leacheate coming from the waste into the ground. The leacheate will instead be collected by leacheate pipes laid at the bottom of the cells and taken to a leacheate treatment tank to avoid contamination of ground water. The cells will be filled up by the rejects coming from the compost plant or any other treatment units and will be rolled and covered with soil or other inert at appropriate intervals. On final closing of these cells, the entire landfill will be covered with vegetation and can be used for other purposes. During the programme, the Urban Affairs Minister distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners of Shillong Hackathon 2017 and also handed over the certificates to two localities viz, Upper Lansonalane and Cleve Colony, for best practices in waste management and maintenance of cleanliness.

Press Release No. 1045/17


Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma led the plantation drive and also distributed saplings to students and community leaders at different locations in Tura and Ampati under Chief Minister’s Clean & Green Campaign and “Gift a Sapling” programme as part of the launch of 15-day programme of Gram Samriddhi Evam Swachhta Pakhwada, 2017 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on Monday. Parliamentary Secretaries, Noverfield R. Marak, Brigady N. Marak and Ashahel D. Shira, West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, Pravin Bakshi, district officials, heads of institutions, community leaders, teachers and students were among others who participated in the tree plantation and clean & green campaign, where the Chief Minister suggested that a resolution be taken by all members present to inculcate a clean and healthy habits not only in their homes but also while travelling on the roads and in their surroundings. The occasion is also a celebration of the intensification of Chief Minister’s Clean & Green Campaign, under which millions of saplings have been distributed and planted across the state over the last five years since the launching of the programme in 2011-12.

The Chief Minister not only led the plantation drive but also demonstrated to the students as well as the officials how the saplings should be planted and also delivered lessons on profitable returns from ornamental and economic plantations. Addressing the gathering of district officials, community leaders and students at Tura Circuit House, the Chief Minister called upon the people to reconnect with nature and harness its potential not only for remunerative returns but also to address the issues of climate change. Through various interventions of the government over the years and accelerated under Mission Green based on the concept of Green Economy, Meghalaya has become one of the states with highest forest coverage which has enabled us to connect with the past glory of the State and also give sustainable livelihood to the people, he said.

Stating that the government has accorded special thrust on agro forestry, the Chief Minister informed that the process of plantation of restricted plants like Agar and Sandalwood has been simplified and called upon the farmers to take advantage of the same to benefit their future generations. He briefly highlighted the ill-effects of inhaling polluted air and said that through the interventions under Mission Green and Clean & Green Campaign, Meghalaya can boast of being a carbon neutral state. Responding to queries from certain quarters on the number of “missions” that the state government has initiated, the Chief Minister said that the government has labeled all its welfare programmes as “mission” to get out of the “business as usual” approach and embark on a mission-mode approach with the active involvement of all stakeholders for a common objective. He asserted that Clean & Green Campaign and Mission Green initiatives of the government are not just slogans but missions to touch the hearts of the people and evoke a sense of ownership in them to build a progressive and prosperous state.

Led by the Chief Minister, the plantation of bougainvillea saplings were undertaken at Tetengkol Junction, Circuit House and ITI, Araimile in Tura and Chengkompara locality roadside and Circuit House at Ampati. Cleaning drives were also conducted in various schools, government institutions and localities in South West Garo Hills as part of the occasion.

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