Press Releases

06 June 2018

Press Release No. 393/18


As part of the World Environment Day Celebration the office of the District Legal Service Authority, West Jaintia Hills District had in collaboration with the Fishery Department and Forest Department (Territorial Division), West Jaintia Hills taken an initiative to clean up the Nan Kasari Park which is the centre point of the Jowai Town, that has been ignored for long time and accumulated a lot of garbage. D.S Marbaniang, Secretary DLSA said the main focus for taking up the cleaning of the Nan Kasari Park is bring back the original status of the park which will add beauty to the town and its surrounding. He also said the cleanliness drive is to impart awareness to the responsibility of keeping public places clean. Earlier a short progrmme was held at Dorbar Shnong Khimusniang community chaired by Daniel.S. Marbaniang, Secretary District Legal Service Authority, Jowai The speakers E. Kharumnuid, District & Session Judge, West Jaintia Hills, D.H. Pde, Officer Incharge Traffic Branch, Jowai and F.Passah, Ranger, Forest Territorial, Jowai range and W.Surong, Advocate stressed on the need to do away with plastic polythene bags and pet bottles which is the main cause of destruction to environment. Later the Students of H.K Singh Higher Secondary School, Jowai and Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Jowai took part took part in the awareness March from Khimusniang PHE till Nan Kasari Park carrying Placards with messages to reduce the use of Plastics. The students also took part in planting tree saplings and collecting plastics thrown on the road side.

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