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07 June 2018

Press Release No. 399/18


South West Garo Hills district has achieved 99.3 percent coverage in immunization of children and pregnant women in the 2nd Round of Special Intensified Mission Indradhanush (SIMI) campaign under Gram Swaraj Abhiyan which was held recently. Under the campaign, the total number of target children was 112 and the achievement was 111 as one child had travelled out of the village to another district. In case of pregnant women, target was 35 and all 35 were covered in 36 sessions of immunization. Earlier in the first round, the district achievement stood at 97.4 percent wherein 320 children out of the target of 332 and 55 pregnant women were covered. Meanwhile, the third round of 5-day SIMI campaign will begin from June 18 next and all PHCs and CHCs have started the house-to-house survey of children in the age group of 0 to 2 years and pregnant women. During the recent review meeting of activities during the 2nd round of SIMI campaign which was attended by the district and block monitors, the SDMO & DIO, South West Garo Hills Dr. C. K. Sangma thanked the Deputy Commissioner H.D.B. Sangma for her support and inspiration and all the BDOs, CDPOs,DM&HO, Medical & Health Officers of all health facilities, supervisors, ANMs, ASHAs, AWWs, District & Block monitors and all stakeholders for the successful campaign which would help in ensuring a healthy and disease free society in the district.

Press Release No. 401/18


A sensitization programme on "School Safety Plan and School Mock Drill" for Principal and Teachers of Schools under Mawthadraishan C & R D Block was organized by Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute,(MATI), Meghalaya Shillong in collaboration with the District Disaster Management Authority, (DDMA), Nongstoin & Office of the BDO Mawthadraishan C & RD Block on the 6th June 2018 and the same programme was also organized at C & R D Block, Mawshynrut Civil Sub-Division on the 7th June, 2018. The main objective of the training programme is to acquaint the teachers and School authorities on the various aspect of School Safety as per the National Disaster Management Guidelines on School Safety Policy 2016. The training touched on Concepts of Disaster Management, Preparation of the School Safety Plan, Basic First Aid, Hazard Hunting, structural and Non Structural Mitigation measures, Earthquake and Fire Safety, Conduct of School Mock Drill. The Training was imparted by Smti M. Langstieh, Assistant Professor, MATI, Shillong, and Mr Jonathan Mawthoh, DDMO, DDMA at Mawthadraishan and Shri. F. G. Shira, Medical and Health Officer, CHC Riangdo, Shri. R. Brahma. EAC, Mawshynrut Civil Sub-Division and Shri. Jonathan.Mawthoh DDMO, DDMA Nongstoin gave lectures at Mawshynrut.

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