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08 July 2007

Press Release No. 464/07


Meghalaya Chief Minister, Dr D D Lapang inaugurated the open session of the 7th Biennial Conference of the Diploma Engineers Association (DEA) of the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd (NEEPCO) organized by the Shillong Unit of the DEA on July 6, 2007 at Shillong Club, Shillong in the presence of the Chairman and Managing Director of NEEPCO, Mr M R Ghosh and the Director Technical of NEEPCO, Mr J Barkakati.

The North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) was established in the year 1976 headquarter in Shillong with the sole objective of harnessing the power potential of the North Eastern Region. Besides many other projects in the region, the NEEPCO has identified many hydro and thermal projects in the State of Meghalaya and recently during the visit of the Union Minister for Power, Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde, the NEEPCO has been entrusted to execute four power projects in the State, the Nangalbibra thermal project (720 MW), West Khasi Hills thermal project (240MW), Kynshi Hydel Power Project (1000MW) and Mawphu Hydel Power Project (90MW). An MoU will be signed between the State Government and the NEEPCO in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Lapang lauded the efforts of the Diploma Engineers Association of NEEPCO for playing a vital role in achieving the milestones of the corporation and for their contribution towards the development of hydro and thermal power stations in the region especially Meghalaya.

Underlining that Power sector is the key to economic development, Dr Lapang said that India is one of the countries where the present level of energy consumption, by world standards is very low which is a concern for industrial development. He said that the North East is recognized as the power house of the country because of the power potential particularly in Hydro power but the development of the sector is not very encouraging. He said that efforts should be made to explore the possibilities of generating more power in the region so as to be able to meet the ever increasing power requirements of the region.

Dr Lapang informed that Meghalaya has immense potential for setting up of Hydro and Coal based power projects and the NEEPCO has shown interest in setting up of such projects in the State which is a appreciating, he added. Dr Lapang assured the support of the State Government in its efforts to set up power projects in the State.

While appreciating the efforts of the Diploma Engineers Association for their contributions towards the development of power in the region, Dr Lapang hopes that the Conference of the DEA will deliberate extensively on the role of engineers in facilitating the performance of the NEEPCO in achieving its objectives.

Among others who spoke on the occasion were the Chairman and Managing Director of NEEPCO, Mr M R Ghosh and the Director Technical of NEEPCO, Mr J Barkakati who also gave a presentation on different projects of NEEPCO and the President of the DEA, Mr A Gogoi.

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