Press Releases

12 May 2012

Press Release No. 169/12


Shillong, May 12, 2012: Under the Electoral Rolls Management System (ERMS) a dedicated helpline/complaint line is setup in all the district and sub divisional HQs. The number of this helpline is 1950. This helpline will assist the people/voters in all possible ways in all matters/queries/complaints related to the electoral rolls and elections.

Also under the Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP Programme), with a view to sensitize people on various issues pertaining to elections, Booth Level Officers (BLOs) who have already been appointed in all the polling stations will also sensitize and assist the voters in all possible ways on all election matters. The details of these BLOs would be made available in all the educational institutions, colleges, villages and localities as well as on the website of the election departments and district websites of all the districts.

It was also informed that the filled up forms for additions/deletions/modifications etc in the electoral rolls may be submitted by the people directly to the concerned Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (AEROs) who would dispose-off all the applications received by them as per law/procedure established under Representation of People Act and Electoral Registration Rules. The details of all the EROs/AEROs constituency wise would be put up on the notice board of the offices of the DCs/SDOs and websites of the districts.

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