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27 October 2016

Press Release No. 576/16


With an aim to bring access to justice to the door step of the people, particularly the poor, the needy and the marginalised section of Society, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) in collaboration with the Meghalaya State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA) and in coordination with the District Legal Services Authority, the Police Department and other Government Departments, is organising a Two Day " Mass Door to Door Campaign" throughout the state on the 2nd and 3rd November 2016. The aim of the campaign is to inform the public about Legal Services Institutions, the availability of Legal Services that can be availed and how Legal Services can facilitate the people to get their entitlements under various laws and schemes of the Government. Legal awareness programmes including street plays and other related activities involving the participation of all Stakeholders, Panel Lawyers, Para Legal Volunteers and others will also be organised during the Two Day Campaign

Press Release No. 578/16


The Deputy Commissioner (Election), East Khasi Hills District, Shillong has notified the dates for hearing of Claims and Objections for Special Summary Revision with reference to 01.01.2017 as qualifying date for the following Assembly Constituencies. For 13-Mawryngkneng (ST), the programme for hearing of Claims and Objections will be from 3.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 14-Pynthorumkhrah (GEN) from 3.11.2016 to 10.11.2016, 15-Mawlai (ST) from 3.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 16-East Shillong (ST) from 1.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 17-North Shillong (ST) from 4.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 18-West Shillong (GEN) from 3.11.2016 to 9.11.2016, 19-South Shillong (GEN) from 4.11.2016 to 9.11.2016, 20-Mylliem (ST) from 4.11.2016 to 9.11.2016, 21-Nongthymmai (ST) from 3.11.2016 to 14.11.2016, 22-Nongkrem (ST) from 4.11.2016 to 14.11.2016, 23-Sohiong (ST) from 1.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 24-Mawphlang (ST) from 4.11.2016 to 14.11.2016, 25-Mawsynram (ST) from 1.11.2016 to 15.11.2016, 27-Pynursla (ST) from 1.11.2016 to 10.11.2016 and 29-Mawkynrew (ST) from 3.11.2016 to 15.11.2016.

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