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28 May 2012

Press Release No. 186/12


Shillong, May 28, 2012: Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr. Mukul Sangma inaugurated the three-day Customized Training Programme on Contract Management and Quality Control Aspects for the contractors and young engineers of Public Works Department which got underway here today at the SMELC Building, Dakopgre.

The training is being conducted by the experts and scientists from the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi. It is aimed at mechanization of construction to enable implementation of projects on a timely basis without compromising on quality through contract management and quality control. Similar training programme will also be held in Shillong from May 31, next.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Sangma, who is the brain behind this programme, said that this training was a necessity as it is important to upscale the skill and competency of the contractors with new technologies. “Many young entrepreneurs, in the absence of entrepreneurial avenues, are inclined to register themselves as contractors, therefore by up-scaling their knowledge and skill, we will have pool of knowledgeable and competent partners and at the same time we will be doing justice to our society and the State as a whole,” he said.

Dr. Sangma also lamented that many contractors take up the work by default and not by choice, saying “most of the contractors are not qualified and are ignorant about certain taxes and royalties, and when they find the work unprofitable they sometimes give up the project midway”. He expressed hope that this training programme would help the state in having the best of contractors delivering the best of services.

The State has seen serious problems when certain projects are not completed on a stipulated time and has also suffered a lot due to lack of infrastructure, he said. He therefore felt that the government should invest more out of the Plan money on improvement and up-gradation of existing roads and highways.

Earlier, the Director, Information, Liaison & Training, CRRI, New Delhi, Mr. T.K. Amla in his brief address informed that this training is especially programmed meet the requirements of the NE states, adding that they would fine-tune the programme according to the terrain and soil structure of the region, while the Head of Payment Evaluation Division, Mr. K. Sitaramanjelu said that this training is the first of its kind for both the contractors and the engineers. The other resource persons in the training programme also include Mr. M. N. Nagabhushan, Dr. Devesh Tiwari and Mr. V.G. Havangi, all scientists from CRRI, New Delhi.

Others present at the inaugural programme include Co-Chairman, State Planning Board Mr. Zenith Sangma, Chief Executive Member, Mr. P.K.Sangma, Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads), Shillong Mr. M. Tariang, Chief Engineer, PWD (Standard), Shillong Mr. M.M.Sunn and hosts of senior engineers, young engineers and contractors from the three districts of Garo Hills. The three-day training will conclude on May 30.

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