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Being entrusted with the job of informing and creating an active interface with the people, the Department of Information and Public Relations has been publicizing the various plans and programmes, the welfare measures and the developmental activities undertaken by the Government for the welfare of the people through different information dissemination media, including its own publicity units.

Headed by the Commissioner and Secretary, assisted by the Deputy Secretary at the Secretariat level, the Directorate is headed by the Director assisted by the Deputy Director and a team of Public Relation Officers. At the field levels, the District Public Relations Officers and the Sub-Divisional Public Relations Officers head the Districts and the Sub-Division units respectively.

For accomplishing the publicity works the Department functions through its different units; namely press unit, publication Unit, Advertisement unit, Field Publicity Unit, Video Production Unit and Photo Unit.

Press Unit

Press UnitOff the numerous responsibilities of this Unit, one of the most important is the issuing of Press Releases on activities, achievements and initiatives taken by different Government Departments on a daily basis. Also this unit arranges Press Conferences, Press Briefings and Press Tours and liaisons with Press, Radio and TV. Besides issuing Press Accreditation Cards to reporters and camera persons, this unit is also responsible for the maintenance of the Press Club.


Photo Unit

Photo UnitThis unit is entrusted with the responsibility of providing photo documentation of various events and activities of Government departments. The photographer, who accompanies the journalist, provides photo coverage of a particular function of a Government Department and then releases the photographs to the Press for publicity. The photographs are also filed for archival use of the Department.

Advertisement Unit

This Unit is responsible for issuing of display and classified advertisements of various Government Departments, concerning job opportunities, tender notices, contract works, notification, etc as and when the need arises.

Publication Unit

Keeping up with ever changing information and statistics, every year this Unit publishes Dairies, Telephone Directories, Meghalaya Calendars, Information booklets, etc. Besides these, in the past years, the Unit has also published 6 Monographs on Meghalaya depicting the people, their customs and traditions, dances and festivals, flora and fauna. Currently work is progressing on 7th volume, which deals with one of the three tribes inhabiting the State of Meghalaya – the Jaintias. Also this unit also brings out a monthly magazine entitled "The Meghalaya Chronicle".

Video Production Unit

Video Production UnitWhenever the need arises, this Unit produces documentaries, features, promos, etc which are aired through the Doordarshan Kendra, and/or Local Cable Networks. As part of the function of this unit, particularly in regards to disseminating information to interior areas of the State, 7 Audio Visual Vans have been attached to the District Public Relations Officer for joint organizing of regular programmes in collaboration with Government Departments, NGOs, etc.

Field Publicity Unit

Field Publicity UnitEntrusted with the responsibility of showcasing the resources of the State, this Unit organizes photo exhibitions and cultural programmes to highlight the polices and progammes of the State Government. Besides organizing exhibitions, the Unit also participates at state and national level functions such as the Independence Day, Republic Day, Trade Fairs etc. An important function of the Unit is to present the tableau of the Government of Meghalaya for the Republic Day Parade every year.

Fixed Loud Speakers

Fixed Loud SpeakersFor dissemination of important Government news and announcements, Fixed Loud Speakers have been revitalized in Shillong. The FLS have also been installed in all Districts headquarters and in some of the Sub-divisional Headquarters.

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