Meghalaya - Land and peopleI : Meghalaya - Land and people

Meghalaya, one of the Seven Sisters state has now and again been alluded to as ‘a patch of beauty and grace’. This pictorial monograph entitled "Meghalaya - Land and People" is an attempt to showcase a colourful profile of the State, its beautiful landscape, salubrious climate, wonderful array of exquisite flora and fauna, its extremely interesting ethnic people - their history, culture, social & political systems, its rich natural resources, the system of local administration together with a glimpse of development efforts to bring it at par with the rest of the country, as also other aspects which may be of interest to the reader within Meghalaya as well as the rest of India and abroad.

Cost: Rs. 250/-

Meghalaya - Flora and FaunaII : Meghalaya - Flora and Fauna

In a continued endeavour to chronicle the colourful profile of the State in all its variety, the second volume of the series entitled "Meghalaya - Flora and Fauna" covers the wonderful array of exquisite, endemic, even exotic flora and fauna of Meghalaya. This volume consists of two sections of which one dwells upon the "flora" of the State and the other with the "fauna". This pictorial monograph endeavours to create a general awareness amongst the people of the country and beyond, of the captivatingly interesting variety and wealth of flora and fauna of the hills and dales of Meghalaya. Some of such species are not only endemic to the State but are on the verge of extinction and disappearance.

Cost : Rs. 250/-

Meghalaya - Places of interestIII : Meghalaya - Places of interest

Following closely in the heels of the first two pictorial monograph series on Meghalaya, the third volume subtitled "Places of Interest" is dedicated to the places of interest of the State. This series which is divided into four segments takes you through a journey of exploration from the cascading waterfalls and dark virgin forests of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills to the caves of Garo Hills and beyond. In addition to giving a glimpse of the picturesque landscape and breathtaking beauty of the Meghalayan panorama, this series also provides some valuable information on the rich traditions and folklore which crowns each of these places of interest.

Cost : Rs. 250/-

Meghalaya - Dances and FestivalsIV : Meghalaya - Dances and Festivals

From Land and People to Flora and Founa to Places of Interest, the focus in the fourth volume shifts to "Dances and Festivals of Meghalaya". This volume provides rare insight to the culture, lifestyle and traditions of the communities that make Meghalaya their home. The book endeavours to capture the tribal traditions, the philosophy, the refinement, the lifestyle, the social customs and values by documenting the festivals and rituals of this region and portraying the dances that are integral to every occasion.

Cost: Rs. 300/-


The Dwellers of the High Hills - The Khasis of MeghalayaV : "The Dwellers of the High Hills - The Khasis of Meghalaya"

The first of the people series, this volume entitled "The Dwellers of the High Hills - The Khasis of Meghalaya" traces the myths and facts surrounding the origin of one of major ethnic groups of Meghalaya- the Khasis. The book also provides an in-depth account of the Khasi community, touching on almost every aspect, from habitat and clothing to philosophy and folklore and religion. The book attempts to provide readers anywhere, an insight into the Khasis, how they were and how they continue to be amidst the forces of change.

Cost: Rs. 300/-

The Pristine Culture and Society of the Garos of MeghalayaVI : "The Pristine Culture and Society of the Garos of Meghalaya"

This book delves deep into the heart of the Garo tribes, who inhabit the inner hills and some of the plains of Meghalaya. Characteristics traits of Garo society - birth, adulthood, marriage, occupation, festivals, rituals, customs, death, magic and folklore - have been described to give readers a cinematic view of Garo life. Instead of focusing on the "changes" that have occurred among the Garos, the book tries to focus on the "Garos- as they were, as they have been, for centuries". The most striking feature that surfaces in this monograph is the powerful revitilization of traditional values and customs and the deep commitment to their own cultural roots and their natural surrounding.

Cost: Rs. 300/-

The Enchanting Life and Culture of the Jaintias of MeghalayaVII: “The Enchanting Life and Culture of the Jaintias of Meghalaya”

The third of the people series, “The Enchanting Life and Culture of the Jaintias of Meghalaya” is all set to provide readers with an exclusive and fairly deep insight into the Jaintias, one of the major tribes of Meghalaya. This volume paints a clear and lucid picture of the Jaintias their genesis, legacy, social and family patterns, religion and rituals, myths and folklore, flora and fauna, arts, tradition and customary practices and places of interest.

Cost: Rs. 250/-

Nature Exotic Gift the Caves of MeghalayaVIII: “Nature Exotic Gift the Caves of Meghalaya”

The “Natures Exotic Gift the Caves of Meghalaya”, is the eight editions in a series of pictorial monographs. This edition focuses exclusively on the intricate caves system of the State and designed to give our readers a detailed account about the rich natural wealth buried thousands of feet below the ground accompanied with breathtaking photographs. As on date, more than one thousand caves have been discovered in the State that includes the world’s longest cave and the country’s longest sandstone cave.

Cost: Rs. 350/-


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