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02 November 2016

Press Release No. 593/16


The Governor of Meghalaya V.Shanmuganathan inaugurated the two-day National Seminar on “Culture and Religion of North East India: Retrospect and Prospect” held at Women’s College in the city today. Addressing the gathering of academicians, scholars and students representing various institutions from across the North East, the Governor stated that for the progress of the society and the nation, minds must be free from confrontations, which are a by product of superiority feelings. “All religions are equal and must co-exist. There must be no hostility and superiority” he said while vouching for equality of all religions. Narrating incidences of the past where the loving spirit of Indian culture was displayed, the Governor said that we are all fortunate to have been born in Indian culture further stating that true culture means love and trust. Expounding on the fact how culture is the widening of the mind and spirit, he stated that culture must not narrow down one’s thoughts further adding that one can connect with others better if one learns to respect their culture. The Governor took the occasion to appeal to all gathered to strive to be a cultured personality.” We must extend friendship and love to all. Let us unite India through great love and affection” he said further. Others who spoke on the occasion include Prof. T.B Subba, Vice Chancellor, Sikkim University, Prof. J.B Bhattacharjee, Former Vice Chancellor, Assam University and President, Education India Trust, Shillong, Prof. B.B Dutta, Former Rajya Sabha MP and President, Governing Council, Women’s College and Rosemary.K Debbarma, Vice-Principal, Women’s College. Also attending the inaugural function were Prof. Henry Lamin, Pro- Vice Chancellor North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Manas Choudhary, Former Education Minister of Meghalaya from among others.

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