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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Press Release No. 26/24


Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma today said that the Government will continue to investment in education and will further boost infrastructure creation for higher and technical education in the State.

Speaking at the inaugural function of Sohra Government College in East Khasi Hills in presence of Education Minister Rakkam Sangma and Health Minister Dr. Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh, the Chief Minister asserted that higher and technical education will get a major boost as centre for higher learning in science, engineering and architecture are being set up in the State.

“We believe in investing on our youth, and our priority will remain education”, he said, while asserting that Government has envisaged to invest in human capital. Informing that Government had to take tough decision for making reforms in education, he said, “We had to take bold decision to make real change in short period of time. Our than education minister Lahkmen Rymbui was very clear and decisive in his approach and we move forward to ensure that we are able to deliver transformative change in the education sector”. “For years, the cess on education was collected by the Government but was never spent. When we took over, we decided that every single rupees collected through cess should be used for education. From the cess, we have started construction of new infrastructure as well as renovation of different schools and colleges”, he added. He informed that all Government Secondary Schools across the State has been accorded sanction for either renovation or construction of new building. He also informed that close to 2500 LP Schools have been either renovated or constructed with a budget of Rs. 500 cr.

On introduction of NCERT textbooks for Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE), he said, “Mathematics and Science are uniform throughout the world, implementation of NCERT textbooks will ensure that our children are at par with students from rest of the world”. He further stated that MBoSE will adhere to NCERT guidelines and include local and traditional knowledge in the textbooks for schools. “We are at the bottom in the Performance Grading Index (PGI). The introduction of NCERT textbooks in our schools will improve our learning outcomes. By adopting to NCERT textbooks we will improve by 15-20 percent in the graph, as learning outcomes are the basis of PGI”, he added. “NCERT textbooks will ensure quality content”, he stressed.

On introduction of multi-disciplinary subjects under NEP 2020, he said that all Government colleges across the State will introduce commerce and science stream. “The proposal is with finance and will be put up to the cabinet for approval. I would like to assure that as chairman of the cabinet, we will surely get the proposal cleared as this is in the interest of our student community”. He said it will be a tough decision, as it will incur financial implication of close to 20 cr, but the Government is committed to make sure that the resources and the funds are made available. At present, Government has a budget of Rs. 2000 cr for education, which is highest amongst all department.

Education Minister Rakkam Sangma said that the Government is committed to provide all support to education institution across the State to elevate the infrastructure and learning outcomes. Amongst others who spoke on the occasion included Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh, Chief Advisor to the Government Lahkmen Rymbui, Shella MLA Balajied Kupar Synrem and Sohra MLA Gavin Mylliem.

Sohra Government College, formerly known as Sohra College was provincialized in 2009. The upgradation of Sohra Government College to Provincialized College accorded administrative approval for a sanction amount of 12 Crores on the 09.10.2020. With the sanction the State Government has created Infrastructural access to - Academic Building (classroom, library, laboratory & toilets), Boys’ Hostel & Girls’ Hostel with advanced furniture and equipment. The Provincialized College will facilitate access to multidisciplinary education to students of the district with the introduction of Science and Commerce stream, eliminating the need to travel across and outside the state for access to higher education which tends to be financially incentive for aspiring students from the socio economic group.

Press Release No. 27/24


Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, today, inaugurated the Mawrah Multi-Purpose Water Reservoir at a function held at Mawrah in the presence of Minister, Health etc Ampareen Lyngdoh, Minister PHE etc Marcuise M Marak and MLA, Sohra, Gavin Mylliem.

In his inaugural address, Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, said that conservation of water bodies and creation of reservoirs is one of the important agenda of the government. We will be investing approximately 400 crores in the next three years in creating reservoirs across the state, he said. He informed only about 4 to 5 percent of rain water is retained by the State and the rest flows to the neighboring state and country and creating reservoirs in the only way to retain the rain water.

The Chief Minister also said that the Mawrah Multi-Purpose Water Reservoir would also serve as a multi-purpose project promoting Tourism, Aquaculture and Farming. He also added that the stretch of 25 kms road from the Sohra main road to Khongtong village will be black topped under the PMGSY scheme and work is expected to be completed by January 2025. “This road will not only be a blessing to the people of the area but will boost Tourism to a large extent,” he said.

For the Mawrah Multipurpose Reservoir Project, Reconnaissance Survey & Project Conceptualization started on April 2021 at a Project Cost of Rs 1.50 Crore through the project funding from NABARD - RIDF XXVI, FY 2021-22. Later on, other financial assistances were also received from State Plan and the Meghalayan Age Ltd. for the construction of the Footbridge Over Dam, Approach Roads Footpaths, Boating Platform and other infrastructures.

The Dam of the Reservoir has been designed in an arc shape for the purpose of structural stability and aesthetic beauty. The total water spread of the reservoir is approximated at 7.7 hectare to 8.0 hectare (19 to 20 acres) with the deepest point of 10.50 m. Its maximum storage capacity is 5,28,000 cubic meter or 528 million litres which is capable to cater water needs to several villages.

Currently, the reservoir is becoming a breeding site for native fish species and is also attracting several migratory birds.

The reservoir is intended to serve as a multifaceted utility water body in the day to day water requirements. It is expected that the reservoir would be an asset that can generate water-based employment opportunities to the local community.

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