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Friday, November 17, 2017

Press Release No. 1172/17


As part of the District Legal Services Authority, South West Khasi Hills District, State Legal Services Commitment to facilitate ‘Access to Justice for All’ and in pursuance of the campaign ‘Connecting to Serve’, the DLSA organised a street play at Ranikor market on the 14th November, 2017 and at Mawkyrwat market on 17th November, 2017. Hundreds of people came to witness the play which was played by the Ionglajong Social and Cultural Club. The objective of the programme is to make weaker and marginalized sections of society aware about the existence of legal services institutions and availability of free legal services.

Press Release No. 1173/17


The District Magistrate, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong has imposed a prohibitory order under Section 144 CrPC prohibiting illegal killing of fishes along the stretch of Wah Umngni (Sdat phod Risain, Phongri upto Simperdiat, Sdat Laitdiloin), Wah Umlangmar upto Wah Umiam, Phodumper, Phoddisai, Phodmawhiang and the adjoining areas of Sawsymper by using poisonous chemicals and explosive substances by any persons. The order has been issued in view of the information received that some miscreants have rampantly killed fishes at the above rivers by using poisonous chemicals and explosive substances. The order shall come into force with immediate effect and remain in force till further orders.

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