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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Press Release No. 1195/17


The District Election Officer, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong has informed all Booth Level Officers that the ongoing intensive door-to-door visit in all the Assembly Constituencies under East Khasi Hills District is extended up to 15th December, 2017. The Booth Level Officers are also directed that concerted and all out efforts are undertaken to ensure that no stone is left unturned to maximize registration, error corrections, deletion of dead voters, obtain family details/contact details etc.

Press Release No. 1196/17


For public convenience and better administration, the Government of Meghalaya, has notified the creation of a new Police Station at Damalgre in the South West Garo Hills District to be known as the Damalgre Police Station. On creation of the Damalgre Police Station, the areas coming under its jurisdiction shall cease to be under the Tura Police Station. The description of boundaries of Damalgre Police Station are Tura Police Station in the North, Tura Police Station in the East, Tura Police Station and Ampati Police Station in the West and Ampati Police Station in the South. The villages falling under Damalgre Police Station are Lower Damalgre, Albagre, Dengnakpara, Okapara, Hajongpara, Okparapara Songgitcham, Okparapara Songgital, Chengkurigre, Sentapara, Chongpotgre, Matalagre, Agasigre, Grengandi, Bolchugre, Rongchadenggre, Gandhipara, Motchotchiringgre, Chisegre, Noagre, Adugre, Rerapara, Chimesengre, Mukdanggra, Jamanggre, Gapatgre, Balalgre, Jewilgre, Bolganggre, Wakantaggre, Dorambok, Agalgre, Chimokggre, Asimgre Wadagre, Jembraggre, Bolori, Ska Boldamgre and Kama Boldamggre.

Press Release No. 1197/17


This is for the information that as per Rule 4. (4) of the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 as notified by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, states that “No person shall organize an event or gathering of more than one hundred person at any unlicensed place without intimidating the local body, at least three working days in advance and such person or organizer of such event shall ensure segregation of waste at source and handed over to the waste collector or agency as specified by the local body.” Therefore, it is hereby notified that organizers of such events or functions shall intimate the Shillong Municipal Board at least three days in advance and they shall also ensure that the waste is properly segregated and stored until it is collected by the SMB or a waste collector authorized by it. The cost of collection and disposal of waste from such events shall be borne by the organizers. This was informed by the Chief Executive Officer, Shillong Municipal Board.

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