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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Press Release No. 784/18


This is to inform our esteem consumers of the following Zones/Areas that due the temporary disruption caused by major failure of NERADRP Data Centre in Guwahati since the 28th November, 2018, the monthly electricity billing of the following zones/Areas have been affected. As such, bi-monthly bills shall be served for the month of December 2018 and January 2019. Zone 2 - whole of Iewduh/Motphran Zone 4 - whole of Jaiaw, Mawkhar, Riatsamthiah, Umsohsun, Wahthapbru, Lumdiengjri Zone 5 - Whole of Mawlai Zone 8 - From Malki to Jingkieng Nongthymmai Lumsohphoh, Motinagar, Lumpyngad. Slab adjustments and any other issue shall be taken due care. This was informed by CE Commercial MePDCL.

Press Release No. 785/18


With the aim of raising awareness on the value of medicinal plants and also promote their cultivation and preservation, an Exhibition of Medicinal Plants and Their Values was today inaugurated by Meghalaya Health and Family Welfare Minister, Shri. A L Hek at U SoSo Tham Auditorium. Dr. Pradeep Jeathi of Adora Kerala Ayurvedic graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Secretary of Health and Family Welfare cum Mission Director and Director of AYUSH, Shri. P Bakshi, officers of the Health Department, traditional healers from East Khasi Hills and students were among those present on the occasion. Speaking as the Chief Guest, Shri. A.L.Hek informed that in the year 2005-2006, the North Easter Council had conducted a survey on medicinal plants in East and West Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi District wherein 57 medicinal plant species commonly used by indigenous health practitioners were documented. However, the lack of proper documentation of the traditional system of healing and the lack of license to market traditional medicines has not augured well for traditional healers. Therefore, he stressed on the need for a certification course for all traditional medicine practitioners to be conducted by the State Health Department, which will go a long way in organising the sector. Shri. Hek also reiterated the need to strengthen the AYUSH Directorate and also to have an AYUSH Policy.

Dr. Pradeep Jeathi of Adora Kerala Ayurvedic stated that 70 percent of the world depends on traditional medicinal system. In 2016 the global herbal market was valued at 71.19 billion dollars and was projected to grow at 10 percent in the next ten years, he informed. While China and USA occupy 80 percent of the market share, India occupies only 1 percent share. With the vast potential that the country and the Northeast region has in terms of natural resources, he stressed on the need for the State Governments to encourage sustainable large scale plantation of plants with medicinal value. He also reiterated on the need to have special purpose vehicle to aid in transporting and marketing raw materials directly to buyers cutting the middle man to help traditional healers and also to encourage and promote the setting up of factories manufacturing medicines in the State. Secretary of Health and Family Welfare cum Mission Director and Director of AYUSH, Shri. P Bakshi reiterated on the need for accreditation of the traditional healers so that they are given due recognition and are able to practice at par with allopathic doctors. Following the inaugural, Shri. A L Hek also inspected the exhibition.

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