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Friday, December 22, 2017

Press Release No. 1236/17


The Information Technology Department, Meghalaya today handed over laptops to 204 meritorious students who excelled in the Class X and Class XII Examinations 2017 of MBOSE, and Class XII Examination of the ISC and CBSE at Yojana Bhavan, Shillong. The felicitation ceremony was graced by the presence of the Information Technology Minister, Dr. M. Ampareen Lyngdoh as Chief Guest, Principal Secretary, IT, Shri. D P Wahlang, Secretary IT, Shri. M R Synrem and Principal Consultant SeMT, IT & C, Shri. E Lyngwa. In her speech, the Minister said that it is a proud moment for parents to see that their children have excelled in the academic pursuit of merit while adding that it is also a proud moment for her that the Government has taken the initiative to acknowledge the efforts of the young minds in facing the challenges of this competitive world. She said that parents should be the strong support system for their children and not pressurise their children into doing something they are not interested and passionate about but rather allow and support them in pursue of their dreams. The Minister also spoke about the importance of physical fitness and health in general which determines the overall development of a child. She called upon the students to ride upon their accomplishments and continue to strive forward in pursuit of their dreams with the same dedication and commitment so that they can be valuable citizens of the State and the country. The Minister also said that the technology is just a tool for the students to advance in their studies and called upon the awardees to shape their own design so that they can be profitable to the State and the economy. Shri. D P Wahlang in his speech said that parents should be cautious about their children’s’ ambitions and what they want in life. “The parents know that their kids have high IQ and EQ and it is also pertinent that they know about their child’s HQ that is the happiness quotient. Give your children the liberty to pursue their own goals,” he said. Shri. Wahlang also talks about the importance of maintaining a good life balance. If the students are physically fit, they are also mentally fit, he said and urged the students to manage their time between studies and co-curricular activities. Others who spoke on the occasion were Shri. M R Synrem who delivered the welcome address, Shri. E Lyngwa who proposed the vote of thanks and two awardees.

Press Release No. 1238/17


Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma inaugurated the Primary Health Centers (PHCs) of Damas and Manikganj at Damas today. He lauded the local MLA, Marthon Sangma for his dedicated effort in making the inauguration of the PHCs a reality amid the presence of local MDC, Dolly Sangma, Additional Deputy Commissioner, P.K.Boro, Extra Assistant Commissioners, J.R.T.Sangma, Daplin Sangma, Medical Officers and Staff and the District Officers of various line departments. The Chief Minister in his inaugural address said, the State Government has been spending huge sum of money in setting up infrastructures in the health sector but as in other parts of the country they are being under-utilized due to scarcity of doctors and specialists. “We create assets and assets must be optimally utilized”, said Dr Mukul and apprised the gathering of the need of medical colleges in the state to counter the gap in the demand and supply of medical practitioners which will eventually meet the healthcare requirement of the people. He further added that in order to overcome the shortage of manpower he has sanctioned for creation of 300 numbers of the post of Staff Nurse in recent years but arising question on transparency in the recruitment process has grappled the progress of appointment. He therefore said that we need to do away with the manipulation system so as to enhance the efficiency in the recruitment process which will provide opportunities for the deserving candidates.

Emphasising on the importance of health, Dr Mukul added that the Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) is one of the most innovative schemes and urged the people to enroll themselves in the scheme and take advantage of it. He further pleaded the medical fraternity to be more compassionate in rendering service to the people. The Chief Minister urged the need of providing Compulsory Annual health checkup for the mass, as health is important for the well-being of the people and the overall development of the State. Later, the chief Minister also added that North Garo Hills has a huge prospect from the development point of view. The district is the first to receive Railway Station in the State which has proved a boon for the people of the region and therefore he opined that it be a testimony for the rest of the State. In the coming days the CM is expected to inaugurate the Residential Complex for the District’s Officers and mentioned about Cage Fishing to be set up at Jolding wari soon.

Press Release No. 1239/17


Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma inaugurated the Integrated Farmers’ Market Complex at Ampati and also the Farmers’ Market at Betasing,in South West Garo Hills in a gathering of a very impressive crowd on Friday. The inaugural function for the two markets was organized by the Horticulture department in collaboration with the district administration and was attended by local leaders, officers of the Horticulture department, district officials, members of market committees, SHG federations and farmers from across the district. Informing the gathering that these markets were sanctioned through the department of Horticulture for the benefit of the farmers, the Chief Minister in his address said that a market is a meeting point of the buyers and sellers and there is a need to beautify the markets to attract the customers. Giving tips on business and wealth creation to the farmers of the area, the Chief Minister said, “We can be considered a wealthy society only when our farmers do proper business. We need to build markets as special products and ensure that our farmers make good business”. Stating that markets can be a revenue generating resource which can be supported by the state government, he urged upon the market committees as well as the public to keep their markets clean as markets can be a centre of attraction for the people as well as the visitors from outside. At Betasing, as the Chief Minister invited the elated crowd to join the inauguration along with him, they cheered and followed him around as he inspected the market and the stalls in the market complex. Deputy Commissioner in-charge H.D.B.Sangma and District Horticulture Officer, Ampati N. Ch, Momin, were among others who also spoke on the occasion.

Press Release No. 1240/17


Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma inaugurated the Ampati Civil Hospital at Ampati in South West Garo Hills on Friday afternoon and dedicated this “crucial facility” to the people of the region saying, “let this centre of healing ensure the well being of every citizen of this part of the country”. The foundation stone for construction of the hospital was laid by the Chief Minister himself on May 12, 2012 and was completed in 2016. The inaugural programme was attended by members of GHADC from the district, officials of the district administration, other district officials, medical officers and staff of the hospital, members of the hospital management society and a large number of people from across the district. In his address the Chief Minister admitted that there was huge shortage of doctors across the state although there are many aspirants for medical profession and said that the lack of medical professionals and specialists in the state as well as the challenge of providing space for competent young men and women who want to become medical professionals would be addressed with the upcoming medical colleges and at the same time ensure access to better health care facilities for the people. He also added that many such developmental projects failed to take off due to non-availability of land and expressed his gratitude to the Nokma and residents of Banduraja A’king in Ampati for their generosity in donating their land for construction of the hospital. Stating that regular health check up is crucial to ensure good health of the citizens, the Chief Minister said that the State government was going forward with the spirit of prevention of diseases rather than spending so much on treatment and cure and informed that the government has taken a decision that all officers would have to undergo compulsory check up to ensure their overall well being and improve their delivery of services. Others who also spoke on the occasion were Deputy Commissioner in-charge Ampati, H.D.B. Sangma and District Medical & Health Officer, Dr. Khona A. Sangma, while the Pastor, Ampati Baptist Church, Webstar G. Sangma offered a prayer of dedication. On the occasion, the Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone for construction of Integrated Housing Complex at Bolsalgre, Ampati and also launched the e-Services in the district for issuing certificates in a digitalized system.

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