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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Press Release No. 61/24


A one day Campaign on opening doors for education to children/ campaign for school dropouts under the aegis of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was organized by the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh today the 29th February at Umkei village in the midst presence of large numbers of inhabitants of Umkei and nearby villages.

The participants of the campaign included Smti. D.M.K.S Shadap, MJS, Secretary, DLSA, Smti M.Namsaw Legal Aid Counsel, Smti Q. Mawphniang, Legal Aid Counsel, Shri D. Mawphniang , Block Resource Person, Smti S.Ryngksai WP SI Police Dept, Smti S.Jyrwa representative from District Child Protection Committee, Shri W.Nonglah from Labour Dept and Shri J.Lyngdoh headman of Umkei village.

The Resource Persons on the day highlighted the issues faced by the children and deliberated on the protection of children and their legal rights. Moreover highlighted about various welfare schemes implemented for the benefit of the citizens.

Smti. D.M.K.S Shadap, MJS, Secretary, DLSA spoke on the objectives of DLSA and its functions. She also said that the DLSA  aims to provide free and competent  legal services to the weaker sections of the society to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not left behind to any citizen by reason of financial problem or other disabilities.

Moreover,Smti M.Namsaw Legal Aid Counsel spoke on the topic fundamental rights and right to free and compulsory education Act 2009, Smti Q. Mawphniang, Legal Aid Counsel enlightened about the objectives and function of NALSA and child friendly legal services to children and their protection scheme, 2015 whereas Shri D. Mawphniang, Block Resource Person briefed about the midday-meal scheme for school children.

Furthermore, Smti S.Ryngksai WP/SI representative from Police Dept lectured on the topic Child marriage and its prohibition Act 2006. however, Smti S.Jyrwa representative from District Child Protection Committee and Shri W.Nonglah from Labour Dept spoke on the topics child rights and child labour.

Press Release No. 62/24


The District Commence and Industries Centre (DCIC), Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh has  organised a two day 28th District Level Industrial Exhibition at Byrnihat proper Community Hall premises where in 40 entrepreneurs and artisans from all over the district took part in the Exhibition. Shri. S. Sohtun, local MLA was the Chief Guest on the ocassion.

In his inaugural speech Mr. Sohtun highly appreciated the General Manager DCIC, Nongpoh for organising the programme for the promotion of the local entrepreneurs for the talents that they have as a means of livelihood and that they can stand on their own feet and not to depend on Government job which is at the stage of saturation. He was also happy to witness the active participation of the entrepreneurs and artisans in the exhibition and hoped that their products be able to yield a good deal not only during the exhibition. He urged them to work hard put more efforts and improve their work from day to day so that their products have a demand in the markets. He lauded the weavers of the district for their high quality Jainryndia which is very popular and demanded all over the world and they have really made the district proud, he added.

Others speaking on the day were, Shri. I.Z. Wreang, Deputy Director Industries, Shri. E. Dkhar, BDO Umling, Shri. H. Decruse, GM, DCIC, Nongpoh, Smti. P. Tado, entrepreneurs and Shri. G.S. Langstieh, DCIC, Nongpoh, who offered the vote of thanks.

Press Release No. 63/24


Meghalaya Social Welfare Minister and MLA, 6-Khliehriat Assembly Constituency, Shri Kyrmen Shylla today inaugurated the New Building of Rymbai Government Secondary School, Rymbai in the presence of Local MDC, Shri F. Bareh, Deputy Commissioner, East Jaintia Hills District, Shri A. Baranwal, Additional Deputy Commissioner, East Jaintia Hills District, Smti J. U Kharpuri, Joint Director of School Education and Literacy, Government of Meghalaya, Shri L.S Lyngdoh, In Charge District School Education Officer, East Jaintia Hills District, Smti. P. Dkhar, other government officials, traditional heads, teachers and students. 

Speaking as Chief Guest during the inauguration programme, while expressing happiness on seeing the facelift that the school has achieved in terms of infrastructural development, Social Welfare Minister, Shri Kyrmen Shylla congratulated all the stakeholders including government functionaries, members of the School Managing Committee, community leaders and contractors for fruition of the project even as he informed that necessary follow up in matters concerning the upgradation of the school to higher secondary status is being perused by him.

During the programme, Shri Shylla also spoke at length on unemployment and called upon the gathering to not only look for government jobs but to seek employment avenues in entrepreneurship by availing different schemes and programmes implemented by the government including the recently launched CM-ELEVATE and others which focus on employment generation in different spheres of development including agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism, sports & wellness, etc.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner, East Jaintia Hills District, Shri A. Baranwal, in his address expressed optimism that the school grows from strength to strength and assured that the District Administration will extend all possible support to the school it its endeavour to expand and develop further.

During the inauguration function, the In Charge Head Mistress of the school, Smti. Y. Lamare read out the history of the school since its humble beginnings in the year 1960 till date and also submitted a memorandum to the minister seeking upgradation of the school to higher secondary level, construction of a multi-purpose hall and construction of a basketball court.

Press Release No. 64/24


Social Welfare Minister, Shri. Paul Lyngdoh in the presence of Law Minister Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh today released the Khasi translation “Ki kyndon ain” of the POCSO Act 2012 at the program held at Pinewood hotel Shillong.

Addressing the gathering, Shri Paul Lyngdoh said we have come together for the cause of humanity and to celebrate childhood, when we look forward to the days of one's youth, old age, but the golden era of one's life is Childhood.

He also said not all have had that share of joy, happiness in life, that is why it is so pertinent that as law makers and as stakeholders they come together to combat this evil of heinous crimes of sexual offences against Children.

Lyngdoh further said this day is a landmark day because for the first time after the introduction of Khasi alphabets way back in 1841, today we have this relevant law ten years old POCSO in the Khasi Script.

He also said let those candles we lit should not only be symbolic but let those candles be lit in the heart of each one of us, so that right from the law makers to the translators to every section and to parents, to faith leaders, let the light of the candles be lit to each one of them so that they will take upon themselves that it is their responsibility to ensure the safety and the security to all children across Meghalaya.

He also said with the support of the civil society they will be able to immediately arrest this trend and with this act now available in Khasi we will make sure that it reaches the doorsteps of all villages, and no one will plead ignorance as an escape road from the clutches of the law. He also urged all those who are present at the event to take a Pledge that we are here with the entire affliction and ailments that affected the Society let us rekindle and keep hopes alive.

During the programme, the Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights also released the Calendar and a Preliminary report on the POCSO cases in the Courts of Meghalaya.

Press Release No. 65/24


National Road Safety Week 2024 carrying the theme “Be a Road Safety Hero” was observed today at Lad Rymbai at a programme organized by the office of the District Transport Officer, East Jaintia Hills District in collaboration with the District Administration, Police Department and Health Department.

Present on the occasion were District Transport Officer (DTO), East Jaintia Hills District, Shri P. Laloo, Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI), Shri H. Dkhar, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Police, Shri E. Sohshang, representative from Health Department, Dr. D. Sayoo, President of Local Taxi Association, East Jaintia Hills District, Shri T. Rymbai, President of Tourist Taxi Association (Lad Rymbai- Jowai), Shri S. Ryngkhlem and others.

Motor Vehicle Inspector, Shri H. Dkhar in his speech during the programme highlighted on several traffic rules which drivers must follow in order to avoid accidents. He also said that this programme is being organized in order to create awareness to the public regarding road safety even as he further said that since the main mode of transportation in Meghalaya is through roadways, drivers must understand that they carry a lot of responsibility, not only for their own lives but also of others.

Sub-Inspector of Police, Shri E. Sohshang in his speech expressed concern over the number of accident cases registered each year with the accidents having been caused due to reckless driving and violation of traffic rules even as he urged citizens particularly the youth to avoid consumption of alcohol while driving in the interest of their safety. Further, he also urged pedestrians to also follow certain traffic rules while crossing the street to avoid accidents which may lead to loss of life and property.

Press Release No. 66/24


Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh today inaugurated the Urban Health and wellness Centre at Mawlai Mawdatbaki, Shillong in the presence of MLA of Mawlai Constituency Shri Brightstarwell Marbaniang, Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District Smti R. M Kurbah, MDC Of Mawlai Shri Teiborlang Pathaw and DHS officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh said the inauguration of the health centre is to ensure that the residents of the area can have easy access to medical care. She emphasized on the accessibility and functionality of telemedicine which will help the people to inquire about their health and receive necessary assistance.

The minister encouraged the public to take advantage of the health centre service including meeting with doctors for counseling when needed, especially in areas like substance abuse. She also encourages the people to proactively seek help for their overall health.

Deputy Commissioner, Smti R.M Kurbah extended her wishes to the people as well as the medical fraternity for the new health facility and requested the people of the area to come forward and cooperate with the centre for better delivery of healthcare services.

The urban health and wellness centre will cater to eight surrounding localities and with a special focus on pregnant mothers as the health facility will emphasize on antenatal care. The services will also include cancer screening, immunization, vaccination, blood pressure check up, and tele consultation amongst others.

The inauguration programme was also attended by the Rangbah Shnong, members of the Dorbar Shnong, ASHAs, doctors, nurses, staff and the local populace.

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