Press Releases

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Press Release No. 163/10


Shillong, April 22, 2010: The Government of Meghalaya has constituted a State Crisis Management Committee (SCMC) consisting of the Meghalaya Chief Secretary as Chairman, Principal Secretary and Commissioner and Secretary, IT, Principal Secretary and Commissioner and Secretary, Home (Police) and Senior Informatics Officer, NIC Meghalaya as Members.

The functions of the Committee are to be a decision making body that will deal with and provide guidance on any crisis that arises of an IT nature (i.e focused Cyber Attacks) that have serious or state level ramifications for the state of Meghalaya, to oversee the creation of a contingency plan through I.T Department to deal with any crisis arising out of any Cyber attack and the IT department will service the Committee.

The Committee will be free to co-opt members from other Department, depending on the nature of the crisis, as and when the need arises.

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